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Why Return to Tasimba – Again!

Guest Blog by Paul Witkay, Tasimba Guest in 2017 and 2022

“Every time we visit the same place it’s like picking up a favourite book but this time it’s a different story.   Each page turned is a new day revealing a new way of seeing things.”

Hugh & Heather asked me why my wife Cathy and I decided to return to experience Tasimba for a 2nd time when we have so many other places in the world we hope to visit.  It’s clearly not the easiest place to visit since it takes a 1½ days of travel to get there and, I had to do some reflection before understanding “why.”

Why Tasimba

I have had the pleasure of working with Hugh since 2010.  We share a passion for working with leaders who are building organizations that make a difference in the world. Hugh often spoke about his passion for the African wilderness from growing up in Zimbabwe so when Hugh & Heather launched Tasimba, it was an opportunity to eliminate the perceived risks of visiting Africa by going with a trusted native – essentially a “no-brainer.”

We had a tremendous experience in 2017 on our first trip to Africa when we travelled to Cape Town and Botswana before joining our Tasimba group.  Once we arrived, I vividly recall my feelings after our first breathtaking day when we saw huge herds of elephants, giraffes, antelope, baboons, and so many other incredible animals in their natural habitat.  However, I had this weird thought that no one goes to a zoo five days in a row and I wondered how the other days could possibly match the adrenaline rush of the first day.

Why Return to Tasimba, baboons

Why Return to Tasimba, hippo

Why Return to Tasimba, giraffe

No two days are ever the same

What we soon learned was that there was so much more to learn after the initial thrill of being so close to magnificent animals and we were just getting started.  Our wildlife Pro Guides have lived their lives in the wilderness and have a lifetime of knowledge to share.  Every animal adapts in unique ways to survive and thrive in an environment that constantly changes with new predators and changing seasons and conditions.  Our guides were so passionate and intelligent but never “pushed” their knowledge on us until we were ready to understand and appreciate it.  Each day we went to deeper and deeper levels of understanding, and each day enriched our perspectives on ourselves and what’s really important to us.  We could literally go every year and never come close to tapping all the life-lessons that nature has to offer!

Why Return to Tasimba, zebra

Hugh & Heather created the Tasimba program to enable us to not just “see animals” but to understand the amazing interconnectivity of nature and how we humans are inextricably woven into it.  By securing exclusive weeks at amazing Wilderness Safari camps for just Tasimba guests, they created a way for small groups of wonderful people to learn together and share their different observations and insights about our joint African experience. We’ve had the opportunity to spend time with impressive and enthusiastic young Zimbabwean students as well as experts who share their knowledge of wilderness preservation and the challenges when humans and wildlife live together.

Why Return to Tasimba, elephant

Why Return to Tasimba, lion

A journey of incredible ambassadors and hosts

So, why did we decide to return to Tasimba in 2022?  When COVID hit in 2020, I believe everyone in the world reflected on how we’ve been living our lives and how we want to live going forward – life is short!  Returning to Tasimba was an opportunity to continue our African journey with the same ambassadors (Hugh & Heather), same guide (Tendai) and go to deeper levels of understanding.  And, there is so much to see in Africa that we were able to visit two amazing new and different countries on our most recent trip (Namibia & Rwanda) that make us want to go back to Africa again & again until we’ve experienced most all of the 54 countries in Africa.

The exclusive use of camps in private concessions in Zimbabwe, and the company of two local experts as our hosts, make the Tasimba experience so much different from simply going on “safari”. Needless to say, the accommodations and food are first-class.  In the end, it’s the amazing people you meet in the Tasimba experience that make it very special and worth returning to again and again.

Why Return to Tasimba, group photo

Why Return to Tasimba, Sunset

“Every person needs a time out, away from stressful jobs, pressures from employers or clients, home responsibilities etc.  Everyone deserves to enjoy, visit unknown places, try other things, meet a lot of new friends, and feel at the top of the world.  Life is full of fun, excitement and adventure.  Thus, vacation is an experience that’s worth remembering for a lifetime.  It heals a weary mind and soul.”

– Alon Calinao Dy

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