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Why Safari?

By Heather Weaver, Tasimba Co-Founder

Of all the many travel choices you could make, why safari? In the grand tapestry of worldwide destinations, there is an unmistakable lure to Africa.  Since 2015, we’ve been on countless safaris and, speaking from our combined 80+ years of bush experience, here’s why we think the idea of safari is so enchanting.

Into the Heart of the Wild

On a Tasimba safari, we land on a dirt airstrip in a remote area of Hwange National Park. On arrival you don’t yet fully realize that your African safari will be a vivid journey into the heart of the wild. Gone are all signs of civilization. Sun-kissed savannas stretch infinitely, and the air hums with the rhythm of untamed life.  There is a feeling of great anticipation, excitement, curiosity and some trepidation. The adventure begins!

The Symphony of Nature

On safari, nature orchestrates a symphony that transcends time. With sharpened senses you listen to the new-to-you sound of the bush. A gentle breeze drifts over the plain and you can hear the soft rustle of the wavering grass.  Amongst the melodious chatter of birds, a low rumble announces the arrival of elephants at the nearby waterhole. In the distance a baboon barks. Every sound is a mystery waiting to be unraveled.

The Canvas of Colors

As we meander to camp, the wilderness is an artist’s palette of color. The tawny golden grasses give way to sand colored ribbons of dirt tracks. A small herd of ochre hued roan graze alongside the dazzling ebony and ivory striped zebra. Wildflowers bloom in a riot of crayon box colors. A waterhole shimmers metallic under the setting sun as the sky ignites into shades of coral and indigo. We’re not yet at camp and already we’re immersed in a canvas of color.

Intimate Encounters

Enroute to camp we stopped countless times to gaze at any number of wild and bird species. Prolific viewing, there are literally hundreds of different species to marvel at. From fluttering butterflies to majestic elephants, safari unveils the grandeur of Africa’s creatures, big and small. As we observe, we strike an intimate connection to this land’s untamed heart. Our guests are always amazed at how close we can get to wildlife in their natural habitat – what a gift!

The Rhythm of the Night

Cozied up around a roaring campfire with the inky darkness all around, the night belongs to the elusive, the mysterious. It’s a realm where under a blanket of a billion stars, imagination dances with reality. Shadowy creatures meander to the waterhole in front of camp. While drifting off to sleep, somewhere nearby, impala lock horns and wrestle for dominance. A stealthy hyena whoops its presence while the deeply resonant call of a lion echoes across the plain. We can’t wait to see what morning brings.

Each Day is Different

Bright and early we’re back on the open-top jeeps, eager to explore this vast, untamed wilderness. As we meander through an acacia woodland, the elongated neck of a beautifully patterned giraffe appears in the treetops. Just below it, a small family of elephant, a living testament to strength and wisdom, feast on new green shoots. Slowly and silently, they move through the bush while herds of gangly-legged wildebeest graze nearby.

For the countless days we’ve been on safari we can tell you that no two days are ever the same. What is consistent is the never-ending reveal of Mother Nature’s secrets.

A Safari is a Personal Journey of Transformation

Safaris provide a unique blend of adventure, intrigue, education, reflection, and curiosity with a deep, immersive, intimate connection to wildlife, culture, community and conservation that can transform our outlook on life and on our place in the world.

Having passionate guides who are committed and excited about their life’s work is inspiring. It’s like having a well thumbed through encyclopedia in your back pocket. The depth and breadth of their knowledge about all living things is mind blowing. Their love for the wilderness and their energy is contagious.

This extraordinary game-viewing experience is even more special with exclusive sole occupancy of a luxurious camp. Nestled in the heart of this prolific private wilderness, this exclusivity ensures an intimate and deeply immersive connection with nature and with the people who work there.

Zimbabwe is rich in history and culture. Meeting locals and learning about them adds an interesting and educational component to your safari while gifting you with new perspectives.

Sharing this experience with like-minded travelers who have a passion for adventure and the wilderness, creates sparkling conversation with incredible stories to tell, amid much laughter. Safaris are so good for the soul!

A Call to the Wild

Our April 2025 Tasimba safari is an invitation to connect you deeply with Africa’s wild heart. Hosted 24 /7 by Hugh and me with an obsessive attention to every detail, it is an opportunity to live a week of unparalleled experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Answer your call to the wild. Join us this April for a safari that goes beyond the ordinary, into the heart of what it means to truly experience Africa.  Are you ready?

The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa…for he has so much to look forward to.”

Richard Mullins


Tasimba. Answer the call to the wild. Naturally

Our Next Trip Dates:

Tasimba Signature Safari: December 31st, 2024 to January 7th, 2025 (Sold Out)
Tasimba Signature Safari: April 28th  to May 4th, 2025 (Book Now
We also offer customized Tasimba Safaris for families, friends and affinity groups
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