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The Wilderness Will Refresh You

When this is all over – as it will be one day – we will all need time to recover and refresh. People all over the world are experiencing what is referred to in the leadership world as VUCA – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity – and, let’s face it, it is stressful.

At some level, every one of us has concerns about our physical wellness. This virus seems so insidious that, while we may do all the right things – social distancing, washing our hands frequently, wearing facemasks, and more – we still can’t be 100% sure that it won’t infect us.

And, perhaps without us being quite as aware of it, coronavirus is taking its toll on our mental wellness too.  The never-ending media barrage of bad news, the daily ‘scorecards’ and charts, and the fear of the ‘second wave’ all serve to sustain high stress levels, unacceptably high for some.

Retreat, recover, refresh

Sooner or later, we will need to treat ourselves to a complete break from this consistent stress. We need to retreat, to recover and to refresh.  Mental health experts tell us that getting out into nature has great restorative benefits both for our mental as well as our physical well-being.

So, until travel is a viable option again, go to the park, walk on the beach, take a hike, get out on the water – and breathe deeply of nature’s fresh air.

But if you want a real break from all this, why not plan a trip in 2021 to our pristine African wilderness? We may not be able to take that trip right now, but the planning part itself is a great tonic for easing your stress. Then, once you’ve planned it, counting the months, weeks and days until your trip of a lifetime gives you an exciting focus on the future!

Tasimba, sunset, Giraffe, The Wilderness Will Refresh You

Spa – for your mind and soul

Tasimba is an amazing and unforgettable trip of a lifetime. It is the ultimate African safari experience immersing you, body and soul, in superb accommodation in a vast private wilderness, teeming with wildlife.

And then Tasimba adds its own unique pluses:

  • You’ll be totally enthralled for a whole week in our vast, private wilderness where you’ll seldom see another human being all day;
  • You will luxuriate in exclusive occupancy of the intimate camp without any of the normal ‘revolving door’ of other guests coming and going;
  • Guided by two of Africa’s top wildlife professionals, you will become completely engaged in the wonders of nature, wilderness and wildlife, making memories that will remain with you forever;
  • You’ll be inspired by our ‘Keystone’ experts who will share with you their knowledge and their passion for conservation, culture and community;
  • You’ll truly be off the grid and find yourself reconnecting with who you are and what’s really important in your life;
  • Your week long experience is led by Hugh Coppen, who grew up in Zimbabwe and who has a lifelong passion for the country and its warm, friendly people; and
  • Every detail of your trip is thoughtfully planned and expertly carried out by the Tasimba team who are with you every step of the way.


Tasimba - landscape - The Wilderness Will Refresh You

Treat yourself to the gift of our amazing wilderness – it’s the ultimate spa for the mind and the soul.  Not only will you be refreshed but you will be energized to thrive in whatever the next new normal will be.

I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.
– John Burroughs

Tasimba.  Immersed in the African wilderness for 7 days. 
Be Inspired. Naturally.

Contact us about our next safari. We’d love to have you join us!

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