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The Wonders of Nature

The longer you spend on safari in Africa, the more you are awed by the wonders of nature.

It’s not just the huge numbers of different species of animals, birds, insects and trees in the wilderness that takes your breath away. Nor is it how close you can safely view animals in their natural habitat – although that too is breathtaking!

Tasimba The Wonders of Nature - Warthog

It is rather the incredible number of ways, every day you are on safari, that you will see or learn something that makes you marvel at nature’s way – that’s what is truly amazing. To describe all the wonders of nature would take a book, a very big book. And it would never be complete because, despite all that we have learned, there’s always something new to discover, to be blown away by.

 Consider a handful of examples

  • The way different species warn each other of nearby predators;
  • The interconnection of everything in nature from the largest mammal to the tiniest insect;
  • How newborn impala lambs and wildebeest calves learn to stand and then walk within minutes of being born;
  • How trees in the acacia family communicate with one another to stay healthy;
  • How an ant lion’s spade-like head is used to catch dinner;
  • The social behavior of elephants both within a family and between relatives;
  • The power of a leopard in being able to carry its prey vertically up a 40 ft. tree;
  • How many species of insects, birds and plants are the beneficiaries of elephant dung;
  • The amazing inner workings of a termite colony;

And countless more wonders of nature.


Tasimba - The Wonders of Nature - Giraffe

It’s only when you get out into the deep, unspoiled wilderness that you get to experience more and more of nature’s secrets. And, if you’re on a mission to rush from one animal sighting to the next with a checklist in hand, you’ll miss 99% of the incredible marvels of the wild.

The key to learning the lessons that nature offers us is time. When we go quietly, patiently, into nature’s heart, she rewards us richly with her profound wisdom.

That’s why, on your Tasimba safari, we give you seven uninterrupted days in sole occupancy of a vast, game-rich wilderness.  You will learn more than you can possibly imagine.

Experience Wonder. On a Tasimba Safari.


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