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Your Own Private Wilderness

A Unique Benefit for Today’s Traveller

In the March 2017 edition of our newsletter, we told you about the huge benefits Tasimba guests enjoy because we take sole occupancy of the entire, luxurious Linkwasha Camp.

Another unique benefit of Tasimba is that our safari experience is set in a vast, private wilderness of 140,000 acres (or 220 square miles). Just imagine being in all that space – together with 100 species of animals and over 400 species of birdlife!

We’ve all seen photos taken in some of Africa’s best-known public safari areas in which a beautiful wildlife scene is surrounded by other safari vehicles, minibuses or private 4X4s. Do you want your safari photos to look like they were taken at the “safari park” or a zoo here at home?  And do you really want to go all the way to the wilds of Africa to have to ‘queue to view’ in a string of other vehicles waiting your turn to see a pride of lions or a baby elephant with its mother?

On our Tasimba safari, you’re unlikely to see any other vehicles all day, let alone to have them in your photos. Tasimba guests, together with the few from two other small camps also operated by Wilderness Safaris, are the only visitors in this huge, unspoiled wilderness.

Whether you’re in a safari vehicle, on a bush walk or sitting quietly on the private deck of your beautiful room in camp, the vastness will take your breath away.  Without all the distractions of everyday life, you will feel completely enveloped in the never-ending landscape that stretches out to meet the huge sky above you.  As you realize just how small we humans are compared to this big, beautiful wilderness, you will experience a deep personal connection with nature unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.

You will cherish the fact that, apart from a few vehicle tracks, there are no other signs of human presence here.  No noise.  No traffic.  No litter.  Not even the sound of a jet high in the sky. It’s just you – and the sounds of unspoiled nature, the beautiful birds and abundance of animals all going about their day, naturally wild.

The African wilderness is profound in the way it reaches deep into your innermost being. This is where we came from, the crucible of mankind.  Here you reconnect with the roots of our ancestors.  The experience you feel is intensely personal, as if all this wildlife, all this nature, all this vast open wilderness is yours alone.

Our Guests have told us that this newfound connectivity with nature and the wide-open space inspired them to think more deeply about themselves and their life’s purpose, to immerse themselves in mindfulness, and to gain new awareness of who they are and how they want to be.


“Nature is the greatest teacher, and does her best work when we’re not distracted by the minutiae of our modern lives. Very few places in the world provide the blank canvas required to enable this learning, but Hugh and Heather have done a fantastic job of merging focused leadership exercises within the context of the ancient wisdom abundant in the African Bush. Settling into the natural rhythm of Africa reminds us of the true nature of leadership. Impossible to ignore, the tempo of this wild place implores us to think differently about adversity, opportunity, and risk.”
– Rich Adams, Wyoming, Tasimba Guest, November 2016


At the same time, stimulated by the shared breathtaking wonder of this untamed wild space, we always see the Tasimba peer groups engaging in ever-deeper conversations, both personal and professional and forging the bonds of lifelong friendships.

That’s exclusivity – a truly unique benefit that makes Tasimba so different from any other safari.  Just imagine…your own private wilderness…



Tasimba – the African Safari Experience Like No Other.

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